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Thanks for the repley, I didn't expacted it on the spot, because it is a big list.

Art of the Hobbit; fig. 1; p. 20; One morning early in the Quiet of the World: Okay, we can place it before the paragraph.

Art of the Hobbit; fig. 12; p. 35; Thorin’s letter to Bilbo: Yes it is Tolkien's work, but nonetheless it is special case. A bit similar to Thorin's Map where real world runes are used and English language or Balin's Tomb where his "translated" old norse Name is written in Cirith runes. I have still some doubts, but it is good to have your oppinion. Lets wait if an what others have to say on this.

Art of the Hobbit; fig. 20; p. 44; Rivendell looking West: If we take this at all, then as what Tolkien re-interpreted it: A look from Rivendell westward, which is not provided otherwise.

Art of the Hobbit; fig. 35; p. 60; The Misty Mountains: Not "into" the footnote of course, but after the § containing that note. I am far from my books in the moment, so I have to look up the picture, but from memory I find the reference to the mountians of Moria allone not fully fitting.

Art of the Hobbit; fig. 40; p. 64; Eagles’ Eyrie and Art of the Hobbit; fig. 70; p. 103; View from the Back Door: Sad as I find it you are probably right that these are to sketchy.

Art of The Hobbit; fig. 100; p. 137; Trail dust-jacket: I can see that a cut out would work well, but what would be our reason here to change Tolkien's original art?

Art of LotR; Frontispiece; p. 16; Cutout of fig. 170, p. 214 Dust-jacket design for The Fellowship of the Ring: I thought that the combination would be depiction of Gandalf guarding the Red Ring watching on what happend to the One Ring.

Art of LotR; fig. 13; p. 31; Map of the Westmarch: I remember that it was sketchy, but was it so bad? Have to look that up.

Art of LotR; fig. 28; p. 49; The East Road, east of Bree & Art of LotR; fig. 32; p. 54; Map of the route taken by the Black Riders: On this two I disagree. In combination with the text and the more global view of the Maps, these are helpfull in giving details of the road lay out and the movements of the Riders not found elsewhere.

Art of LotR; fig. 72; p. 98; Parth Galen, Tol Brandir, and Amon Lhaw: Again, I have to take another look on this picture before commenting.

Art of LotR; fig. 84; p. 116; Minas Morgul gate: I strongly disagree. It is sketch but it is not "sketchy". The disfigured entrance is very clear cut. I don't see why we shouldn't use it.

Art of LotR; fig. 154; p. 196; Sketch-plan of the Citadel of Minas Tirith: I would use this nonetheless, since it gives features not found elsewhere.

Art of LotR; fig. 157; p. 200; Map of the northern part of Middle-earth & Art of LotR; fig. 158; p. 201; Map of the southern part of Middle-earth: You have misread page no. for fig. no.. Look for fig. 157 and 158.

Artist; Frontispiece; The Hills of the Morning: Sorry, I have take this entrance from an old list reminders without making true what I reminded myself with it. It should have read:
Yes: Artist; Frontispiece; The Hills of the Morning; Aman and Mortal Men – “Thus it was that because of the Ban of the Valar the voyages of the Dúnedain in those days went ever eastward and not westward, from the darkness of the North to the heats of the South, and beyond the South to the Nether Darkness; and they came even into the inner seas, and sailed about Middle-earth and glimpsed from their high prows the Gates of Morning in the East.“

Pictures; no. 43; Patterns (I); The flower on the lower left side and the plant looking like a Thristle left from the middle at the lower row: I am relativly confident that I can remove the "news paper background", so that shouldn't be an argument right now. But as a matter of fact I would only undertake that endeavour when we find a place for these pictures.

For all I did not comment on I agree with gandalf85.

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