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Harlindon, to the south was mostly populated by Sindar, and was a fief, ruled by Celeborn, under Gil-galad, for a while.

It is probable that Forlindon was mainly populated by Noldorin Elves.

"Cirdan was a Telerin elf, one of the highest that was not transported to Valinor but became known as the Sindar, the Grey-Elves...Cirdan was akin to Olwe...But Cirdan and his people (Falathrim) remained in many ways distinct from the rest of the Sindar. They retained the old name is said that for the love of his kin and alliegance Cirdan was the leader of those who sought for Elwe HoME 12; Last Writings

Cirdna was the lord of the Falathrim, and he was especially close in friendship with Finrod, who, I believe had a tower close to his havens. (Barad Nimrais?). Several times, in HoME 11, Tolkien thought about making the Elves of the Falas, being over-ruled by Finrod and Nargothond.
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