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Downer Scenarios

I'm not quite sure what to name this thread, but here goes...(see above).

The idea behind this is that each person posts a dialogue between characters that occur between characters in one of Tolkien's works, but adjusted for the Downs and with Downers as characters.

For example:
Originally Posted by The Lord of the Downs, The Fellowship of the Barrow, Book 1, Chapter 10- Loreman
Eonwe: (to Legate)I daresay we shall act much the same after posting for days on the downs.
Legate: It would take more than a few days, or weeks, or years, of posting on the Barrow-Downs and reading Tolkien lore to make you act like Legate.

PS. No purposeful attacking or insulting of other Downers is allowed

Welcome to the Barrow Do-owns Forum / Such a lovely place
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