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Something's gone cukoo with my previous post and I can't edit it or delete it. So I'll try to restore it.

I recall Manw replying to my post confirming Unltimatejoe had the correct answer. His post is seemingly lost forever.

Ultimatejoe's answer seems to fit the riddle. But if that's the correct answer, I'm a little put out [img]smilies/frown.gif[/img], because then the riddle was in fact astronomical, and I was on the right track. If the concept of time isn't astronomical (the science of heavenly bodies), I don't know what is. The study of the heavens began as a way of developing calendars for growing crops.

My answer was the moving location of the boundaries between night and day on a planet or moon. That is the location of dawn or sunrise (the answer) and dusk or sunset (its brother). Exact words are critical in answering riddles. I had the sense of the riddle but answered with a word describing location rather than one describing the time.

OK, enough of my hurt ego and the school lesson.

Play on, Ultimate Joe - I'm sure Manw did confirm.
*bows to the two superior riddle-masters*
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