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Hello all-

I've sent the profile/first post to Palando, and he's told me to introduce myself here. Here goes nothing. [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

Lieutenant Azariah Alamax of the Citadel Guard
Race/Allegiance: Human/Gondor
Age: 30
Height: 6’ 3”
Hair color: Black. Usually close-cropped
Eye color: Grey.
Notable possessions: Partial plate mail. Open faced helm. Bastard sword named Nienna’s Tear. Shield. Main gauche. Long spear.

The coronation of King Elessar heralded significant changes for the Gondorian government. While there were still enemies who would wish for the downfall of Gondor, the country no longer needed to remain on war footing year round. Troops who once patrolled the western shore of the Anduin were redeployed to the frontiers or set to work healing the scars hundreds of years of war have left on the countryside. No one institution was more affected than the Citadel Guard. Under the Stewards, the Guard had spent the vast majority of its resources manning the White Tower and guarding the Steward.

However, King Elessar no longer needed to contend with the power of Mordor on a daily basis. The Watch was split into two groups. One, the King’s Guard, would serve as shock troops on the battlefield during times of war and guard the Citadel and the royal family during times of peace. The second, the King’s Hands, were used as ambassadors and messengers, representing the King everywhere from the garrisons along the southern border to the Lonely Mountain.

The first of five children, Azariah Alamax was born on a farm on the border of the Grey Woods, to the north of Gondor. His parents were skilled farmers, and their lands produced more than enough money for the large family to live comfortably. His father had been a member of the Hosts of Gondor in his youth, and there was no doubt that at least one of the sons would enter the service of the White Tower. Azariah did not seem to fit his father’s dreams. While he was tall and fairly well muscled, he was far more interested in thinking and reading than weapons. Still, not wanting to disappoint his parents, he joined the military at the age of fourteen.

His disposition toward logic and thinking helped him excel on the battlefield, and he was promoted fairly quickly. Much to his parent’s surprise and joy, he bore the rank of sergeant-at-arms when he briefly returned home at the age of seventeen. Azariah fought in most of King Elessar’s major offensives, leading his men against the Easterlings and the men of Harad. Shortly after his twentieth birthday, Azariah’s unit took massive casualties defending their king. On one of his many wars against Harad, King Elessar had deployed his armies without adequate knowledge of his enemy’s intentions. The enemy attack smashed through a weak section of the line and came within bowshot of the King. Azariah’s unit fought a costly delaying action until reinforcements arrived. Two thirds of the unit was either wounded or dead, and it’s commanding officer, Azariah, was badly wounded.

Impressed by his tenacious defense, King Elessar promoted Azariah to the Citadel Guard in the field hospital after the battle. As with all new members, Azariah spent three more years campaigning with the king, eventually re-earning the rank of sergeant-at-arms. On his twenty-third birthday, Azariah applied for and was granted a transfer to the King’s Hands. His sharp mind, long used to tactics and war craft, learned the tasks require of him relatively quickly. While the next seven years were mainly spent traveling through Gondor and Rohan, he did join his king on several campaigns, earning a promotion to Lieutenant at the age of twenty-nine.

Having proved himself trustworthy early in his career, Azariah has been carrying verbal messages for King Elessar for a few years. As such, he has developed an extremely keen memory. His other area of service is as an observer, listening for any useful information in the towns and courts he has visited. Azariah has a tendency to conserve words, weaving an aura of simpleton to mask his less honorable jobs. Still, he has not forgotten his child hood and tries to keep as true to his parent’s ethics as possible.

Elenna Ethynian
Race/Allegiance: Human/Rohan
Age: 18
Height: 5’ 3”
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Gray
Notable possessions: Bow and arrows. Knife. Broad Sword.

Elenna had the unique experience of growing up in one of the few cities of Rohan. While most of her countrymen lived in small villages or kept herds of cattle and sheep, her father was one of the many weapon smiths King Eomer employed to arm his men. Her mother was one of the Gondorian maids Queen Lothiriel had brought with her after her marriage to the king. While certainly not stupid, little Elenna had learned to speak much later than her peers. She grew up in the halls of the Golden Hall, running errands for her mother and for the Queen.

In the habit of his country, Elenna received some training with weapons as she matured. She proved to be fairly competent with the bow, learning to hunt the deer that occasionally ventured near Edoras. However, perhaps due to her lack of height and willowy frame, her swordsmanship left much to be desired. Her lack of skill only worsened after her twelfth birthday, when she caught a mild case of tuberculosis. It was during this period that she formed a friendship with the lonely and aged herbalist. After a year of convalescence, she became his apprentice.

Partially because of her late acquisition of language skills and her recent illness, Elenna had become quite withdrawn. Her work at the herbalist’s store forced her to deal with the people around her. While she was fond of most of the store’s patrons, Elenna loved the few children that visited the store, occasionally giving them small treats. Her love for children did not go unnoticed, and the next time Eowyn visited her brother Elenna was given the task of watching the children. Perhaps because she was closest to their size, the children developed a friendship with their nurse during their stay.

While she is somewhat introverted, Elenna is usually polite and friendly to anyone who shows some interest in conversation. Still, she is keenly aware of her mixed heritage. Despite her experience with hunting, most of her education has been in domestic skills. The only exception is her knowledge of herb lore, a sphere of knowledge in which she has mastered. Her upbringing in Rohan has sheltered her from some of the darker aspects of human nature.


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