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Palando has just left Hobbiton.

Welcome one and all and thank you for your applications to the game.

As this story is of a limited time frame, and also because this will be the first rpg that I have run on the downs, I am closing the doors on submissions now!

If any other players would like to make cameo submissions like Estelyn then please PM with your ideas.

Here is the final starting list:

Palando: Halasan Description given First post ready
Squatter: Haleg Description given
Ransom: Elenna and Azariah Description given First post ready
Aylwen: Whisper and Joal Description given First post ready
Adanedhel: Tunar Estomer Description given
Bethberry: Catrina and Kiatus Description given
Estelyn: Annawyn Description Given

I will be opening the rpg story on Monday with the initial order being:

1) Palando Halasan intro (already posted)
2) Ransom Intro in WH
3) Squatter Intro (in WH move to see Annawyn)
4) Estelyn cameo one
5) Aylwen (intro the assassins)
6) Adanedhel (move to blacksmith)
7) Bethberry (first intro of the tragic lovers)
8) Estelyn cameo two
9) Palando (move the story forward)

After that we will debate the order through the discussion thread.

Please do not include your signature in your posts to the rpg.

Lets get ready……

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