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Thank you to Palando for allowing me to join this very interesting and different role play. I will be playing a black smith of Edoras who joins the company on their quest.

Name: Tunar Estomer
Race/Allegiance: Man/Rohirrim
Age: 30
Height: 6ft 1"
Weapons: War axe, long sword
Transport/s: Horse
Bio: Tunar had lived his whole life in Edoras, taking over his father's business and becoming one of the few blacksmiths in Edoras. His father and mother having both been born in Edoras, his father a blacksmith just like his father before him and so on down the line it went. It was the same for his mother except her family's trade was seamstry and so his family had lived for generations in Edoras.

Tunar was a rather large fellow, hours of bending iron into horse shoes and every now and again a sword or some sort of armour for the soldiers of the Riddermark. Tunar didn't like killing or anything of the sort, though he did have a sword and an axe which his father had given him just before he died. The sword and axe lay covered in dust in his home behind the smithy over his mantle piece, he often looked at them despising such weapons of pain and destruction.

Whenever he wasn't in the smithy he would be either with his wife Alydda helping to raise they're three troublesome boys, Daennyn, Erod and the youngest Erol, or in the local Inn, the White Horse. He didn't drink as he found it affected his work as he painful found out one time, instead rathering to sit and talk to the other men of the city, catching up on current events in the region and in the city itself.

Tunar is of a medium height, 6 foot 1 inch, and of a large build owing to his hours in the smith pounding hot iron. He has longish black hair, streaks of grey appearing more to do with the stress caused by his young boys other than the effects of age. His hair is thick and he is forever brushing it out of his eyes as it has grown long and he has grown lax in cutting it despite the insistence of his wife.
When his hair isn't in his eyes from under his dark eyebrows peer his dark green eyes, thoughtful wells of green that always made him look serious. He rarely spoke, preferring to keep his piece and only talking or adding to a conversation after he had throughly thought through what he was going to say and even then it would only be a few words, no more. He was well respected in the town, known as a man of sense and skill with a hammer in his smithy. He is a kindly man loving the company of his family and spending time with his young boys and his wife. He is not prone to anger, in fact he is quite the opposite, he very rarely gets angry, not even at his troublesome boys who are forever playing practical jokes in the smithy and throughout the town.

I know you all will not have seen my role play before but I assure you I have before and still do so on a regular basis at another site. I hope to enjoy this role play and am looking forward to role playing with you all.


Thank you,


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