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Palando has just left Hobbiton.

Hi Esty, and sorry. I just remembered that I was going to give you details of what your character knows...

Well, 4 days ago a middle aged man and a young woman came into town together to stay at the white horse. You remember them because they were argueing continually and they both seemed desperate and distressed.

They met someone at the WH and then went to see the blacksmith, Tunar Estomer before leaving the town in a rush.

Obviously this we will be the first time Halasan has any indication that his daughter is travelling willingly, though he may rationalise it that she is too scared to run.

Anyway, how you play that is up to you. You may want to leave some of the details until your second post, maybe remembering more after the initial conversation.

Adanedhel: When it is time for your post and Halasan and Haleg come visiting you will remember that a couple came in with Deriath, a merchant you know who has set up a small trading post by the merging of the Snowbourn and Entwash rivers.

The man purchased a particularly fine rapier from you before heading out. Any other details I will leave for you to create.

Cheers all

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