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Palando has just left Hobbiton.

Excellent posts so far but looks like I am gonna need to change the schedule a bit to keep the flow.

Aylwen: you do your assassins intro next.
Then I will do another short post for Halasan taking him through the night to breakfast. I will interact with Elenna and Azariah and then taking him back to Annawyn for Estelyn's second post and then move to Adanedhel for her first post for Tunar.

so it will now go

Aylwen - assassin intro
Palando - troubled sleep through to morning meeting
Estelyn - giving out of help and leading to Tunar
Adanedhel - Tunar intro and details of lover journey to Deriath's trading post.

Then hopefully

Bethberry - intro of tragic lovers
Ransom - get Elenna and Azariah involved in journey.
Palando - Moving the story out of Edoras.

that will do for now and wil probably be subject to more changes but there you go...

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