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Greetings players,

Firstly, sorry for not getting much out in the last few days but work and wedding took over for a bit.

In my last post I have led the group to within sight of Cambere and Deriath's trading post. Basically Deriath is not going to give details of Kiatus and Catrina freely as he has an investment in their safety. (they are carrying is items)
There is only two ways you are going to get the info out of him, either bribe him with a value more than teh profit to be made from his deal with Kiatus (which is quite high so be careful in terms of realism) or the good old violent way of convicing him.

From Bethberry's post you will see that they have a consignment of jewels for delivery to a merchant in Minas Tirith. I am not going to dictate the order at this point but leave it ad hoc for a while. The first to post here that they want to write a section gets the next slot and so on. All I ask is that you make the getting the information from Deriath a nasty business. Halasan is desperate and will stop at nothing to find out their location, whatever the means, and woe betide any who defy him. This will see the start of Halasans fall from grace so maybe have the other characters (except maybe Haleg)start to quietly question the situation, though don't desolve the party just yet... *wink*

Hope that is enough to keep you going. Please ask here or PM me if you need any more information.

All the best


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