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Palando has just left Hobbiton.

Greetings squatter et al,

Well my experiment to take the game into a gondor style ad hoc submition has failed so we will go back to the successful format of scripting out the sequence.

Squatter - Please write your piece to meet Deriath and the ensueing interrogation.
Tunar - Write of the groups stay in Cambere
Aylwen - Following on from whispers loss of Joal she heads north to gather a force of mercenaries, using all your payment from the last job and then return to the trail the the group.
Ransom - Take the group out of Cambere and towards Minas Tirith, either by boat down the entwash or over land to join the main road.

that will do for now, look forward to your posts.

Palando of the blue robe
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