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Adanedhel has just left Hobbiton.


Sorry for the delay in my post. My computer has unexpectedly died and this, and the one in the role play itself, post is coming via a friend whom is posting it for me after I typed it up on my laptop. He is saving the new posts and giving them to me to read but I won't have my computer up and running for another week at least.
I can still post but it is a long process having to get the previous post from my friend on paper then type a new post and give it back to him to post it for me.

But I assure you I should be able to keep up with the role play. I do see him a fair but, at least every second or third day. So I apologise profusely for my absence and I will try as hard as possible to keep up even in the current situation.

Thank you,

"From this day to the end of the world we in it shall be remembered, we lucky few, we band of brothers. For he who today sheds his blood for me, shall be my brother"

-Henry V
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