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Perhaps Tolkien actually adhered to the morals he read in his Bible.
"Predjudice of any kind has no place in the Lord of the Rings, not even the justified predjudice between elves and dwarves."
I would say that there is equally less place for the depravity that our world has grown to accept. Prejudice based on actions is not the same as prejudice based on appearance or descent. You don't call it "prejudice" to be sickened at the thought of a murderer because you know that person is capable of, and has committed, acts that you believe are wrong. Granted, being gay and being a murderer are not the same, but there's a principle here.

I know what to expect from this post, but just remember that the ideals you hold to -- accept everyone no matter who they are, what they believe, or what they do -- should apply equally to me as they do to those whose actions I disapprove of. I don't hate people who do what is bad -- everyone sins; I hate what is bad.

I am not attacking anyone. Your post, Maril, appeared to condemn red's beliefs as being completely unacceptable. Is that not the very "prejudice" that you would fight to eliminate?
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