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[A]s a man . . . that held to Christian Biblical morals he would not have created his characters with gay relationships.
So because (1) JRRT was a Christian, and (2) the Bible condemns homosexuality, then (3) LotR could not portray anyone as gay.

I don't think that follows. The Bible also condemns murder, but Deagol is murdered. Or do you mean that, as two of the "good" characters, Sam and Frodo would never be portrayed as having a serios character flaw? But their depiction of these two is a little more nuanced than that. Let's face it, for the first 4 books Sam is quite often a numbskull, he doesn't really show his true virtues consistently until RotK.

That being said, I don't think that the passages quoted above necessarily show that Sam was supposed to be homosexual, any more than every male character in Shakespeare, who tells another man that he loves him, was supposed to be gay.
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