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Mantauriel has just left Hobbiton.

Guys...remember that virtue is prevalent in the nature of almost all the protagonists, the Hobbits more than any. To even halfway apply homo intent on these heroes is almost perverse. This tale is JRRT's take on the last great battle...M.E. Armageddon, if you will. Maybe some of us are so jaded in our life experiences that we find such things as undying loyalty, faithfulness and love for great friends alien to our lives. What a statement for our generation. Read the tales and learn what JRRT knew about virtuous heroism, courage and resolve.
Elladan and Elrohir stared at Rumil, Haldir, and Orophin before them. Legolas had a blank stare to all. "See the creature? Ready to kill us?" Figwit sighed and Aragorn pointed to the object Legolas was reffering to.

"That's a rock."
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