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Galadriel: Look into my mirror!
Frodo:Its a bird bath!
GaladrieL: Its my mirror!!
Frodo: I still say its a bird bath!
Galadriel: *looks at frodo* Fine look into my bird bath!
Fordo: Why i all ready know what i'll see!
Galadriel: What? *looks at him with shocked expression*
Frodo: Im gonna see birdys!


Frodo offers the ring to Galadriel and she goes all weird!
Galadriel: In place of a dark lord you will have a.......*Starts coughing uncontrolably*
Crap!*gets out a cough drop and eats it! Looks at Frodo realizing she forgot him!* Oh an no i dont want the ring!


I know they suck but oh well! [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

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