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Originally Posted by Yregwyn View Post
What if Gandalf and the Witch King had fought at Pelennor?
If Gandalf had fought he would have destroyed the Witch-king's body and sent his spirit back to Sauron.

What if Pippen hadnt found Gandalf before he gave chase and Shadowfax had ran down the Witch King's horse right outside the gate? Well besides Faramir and Denethor both dying i mean. Any theories?
Gandalf would have been more of a direct participant in the Battle of the Pelennor and probably Theoden would not have died.

Denethor and Faramir would have died, which in a way might have created more of a problem in the acceptance of Gondor of Aragorn in that there would no longer be a Steward to hand the kingdom over. However, I suspect there wouldn't really have been much of a problem. The Council of Gondor undoubtedly would have accepted Aragorn in any on the whole, things might have been better if Pippin had not found least for Theoden.
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