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Originally Posted by Urwen View Post
Let me change it up a little.

You want to escape from us, but beware
Of things that came to light
Of us who caught you unaware
We won't let you run into the night
Escape from us - from Merry and Pippin (and Fatty) - to face the dangers alone and not risk their lives.

Things that came to light - Merry once saw Bilbo use the Ring. Could refer to other things too, though, like the things Sam has reported.

Caught you unaware - Muttering 'Shall I ever look down that valley again' and things like that. Plus Frodo was taken unaware in that they already knew he wasn't just settling down at Crickhollow.

We won't let you run into the night - Night as a metaphor for danger; run as a metaphor for facing it recklessly and alone.

Is that better?

I had thought it obvious once solved, but actually, you're right. It's only fair, after all, to explain how the parts of a riddle work when someone has gone to the effort of making one.

Furthermore, it was probably only obvious to me because Frodo is my favourite character, (in literature, not just in Tolkien), so I know the parts of the book with him in extremely well. Which begs the question: why did I think of Shelob's eyes first? Well, that's another part of Frodo's story, so I guess that's why. The last line doesn't work as well for that solution, though. Shelob *wants* him to run into the night. (The metaphor here would be her larder).

Which reminds me ... why has no-one made me a Frodo password like your Maeglin and Huey's Telperien?
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