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When I signed up for this charming Tolkien forum, I never dreamed I would one day play games that sent me to the Icelanding Saga Database.

Njal has a son called Grim, which looks promising. There is actually a Rider of Rohan named Grimbold who would fit, but isn't an it and is the wrong way round. (The fourth son in the saga is Hauskeld; I'm not sure which is the foster-son.)

Linger ...I mean, it almost makes "Glend" again. If I'm misunderstanding the clue, the river GREYLIN would fit (Y is known as "Greek I" in French, which I guess is "I turned towards the east").

As far as I can tell, literally every fruit can be infused in gin, and every cocktail has a rude name. ^_^ Sloe looks possible... right, is it AEGLOS?

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