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Originally Posted by Pervinca Took View Post
Then the answer must be ... IVARE. A minstrel.
Who plays (pipes, I think) beside the sea, and is one of the Three Most Magical minstrels (with Dairon and Tinfang Warble) in the Book of Lost Tales. Yep!

Originally Posted by Pervinca Took View Post
So, which of the remaining answers is Glenn Yarbrough?

And who, in Middle-earth, sang 'When I'm Cleaning Winders' and played the UKELELE?

None of them *appear* to be Bombadil - are you saying he isn't musical?
I'm afraid I couldn't possible comment.

Originally Posted by Pervinca Took View Post
There's an URTHEL, which is an anagram of HURTLE, which sort of means RUN ....
Nope, and the run has nothing to do with movement.

(Both remaining clues are characters' names; one is their most common name, the other had to go by a secondary name.)

MAGLOR - Of the fall, mad glory is his, but the day neither begins nor ends.
2.U - You run of four, less nitrogen upon the horn.
SAM - In the tower, the same without the most common.
IVARE - The weaver's eye is forward for the most magical, beside the sea.
5.C - That which sits upon the shaft is missing nigh to Angband.

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