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Ah, I didn't realise it was Beren who sang that song. I thought Luthien's people sang it about her ... I think I must have read that it was Beren but forgotten it. BTW you mentioned him having 2 names, but wasn't he ERCHAMION as well? (Or does that just mean CAMLOST anyway?)

An excellent password anyway, Huinesoron!

Finding it hard to think up new passwords now, but managed to put together this one:

1. Frodo's bed in the wilderness.
2. Throw a slippery fish to this place, we hear, for her.
3. Alternatively, no distant direction will reveal it.
4. Tea, tube and Christmas may precede her.
5. One ocean, one direction, one vegetable - topped, but not tailed. It's a living thing - deprived twice of nitrogen.
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