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Originally Posted by Pervinca Took View Post
Oxfam used to do packets of lots of little assorted incense sticks in about ten different perfumes. I'm almost certain one of them was tube----

That which we call this, by any other name would smell as sweet.
Well I learn something new every day. My wife has heard of the tea variety, but the others I had to look up. Is it tubeROSE or tuber-ose, do you know?

(The weirdest incense sticks are always the ones labelled things like "opium". Um... hopefully that's just poppy flavour?!)

#1 could be from this:

Sam sat propped against the stone, his head dropping sideways and his breathing heavy. In his lap lay Frodo's head, drowned deep in sleep; upon his white forehead lay one of Sam's brown hands, and the other lay softly upon his master's breast. Peace was in both their faces.
Which would make it either LAP or SAM.

Oh! #3 is Or+0+far+... something. NE, maybe? Right, OROFARNE, one of Quickbeam's poor rowans.

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