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Originally Posted by Thinlómien View Post
I still don't suspect Lottie really (unless maybe if Boro turns out to be a wolf??) but her list made me raise about five eyebrows. What's the difference between "probably innocent" and "probably not a wolf"?? Like is there a middle ground? Also why on earth would you list yourself as "probably innocent"? Shouldn't you be more sure about that????
Originally I had only two groups, but I got nervous about being that confident about so many people, so I split the innocent group and put Boro and Rune into a slightly less confident group. Also, yes, I am very confident that I am innocent! But with the village getting so small, it was helpful for me at least to write out all of the names, and see who's left on the other side: Ka, Eonwe, Brinn, and Shasta (but only by default).
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