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Ring Bergil?...Was that you?

As Faramir and his company ride to the fallen Osgiliath, you see the people of Gondor watching from Minas Tirith. Yet, along with the men, in one shot, there is a young boy leaning on the wall, looking out. Perhaps this is PJ's nod to Bergil? If I remember right, at one point, Pippin and Bergil look out from Minas Tirith. Embarrassingly though, I can not place where this happens. I dont think it happened during Faramir's leaving. But even so, many times PJ takes an event, puts it in another spot then in the book, and changes things a bit. Maybe this is Bergil, and we might see at least a little connection between Pippin and him in the Extended verison. Possibly when Pippin is givin his armor, since that was Bergil's job.<P>What do you think, Bergil or just plain young boy?
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