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How to Locate the Lost Palantiri in the Reunited Kingdom


I've always loved how Tolkien pointed to the ancient wonders of the First Age in tantalising remnants of amazing artefacts in Middle Earth during the fading years. We know of Numenor that through Silmarien's line in Andunie, who were the forebears of Aragorn in the Reunited Kingdom, the Numenoreans in Exile were gifted with guardianship of the Palantiri, as means to scry and communicate, presumably, with the Eldar in Tol Eresea and Valinor. We also know Feanor made the Palantiri, and it has been stated and implied that there were more than just the seven we know of.

Of the Palantiri and their functioning, we know there was a Master Stone, in what appeared to be a system of 'one way mirrors' where the Osgiliath Stone was the master stone, but only in Middle Earth. We also know that the Stone of Amon Sul was big, could not be carried by one man, and seems to have been the master stone of the north, but of the two stones (Osgiliath versus Amon Sul) we are never told which could scry on which. I wonder if the North Kingdom--that is Elendil's and Isildur's not Anarion's purview--meant that Amon Sul was the ancient centre of the 'master-master' Stone of both the Northern and Southern kingdoms.

In any case, we know that there is a Stone in the ruins of the Barad Dur. I have assumed the Stone was never destroyed because they're pretty hard. Grima dropped one from Orthanc and it cracked the stair case at the base of the tower. That was Numenorean-crafted hard stone that the Ents could not rend, and not for lack of trying. The Ents, I remember, tried to bring down Orthanc and a group of them could not break the stone.

We also know that two stones, the Annuminas Stone and the Amon Sul Stone, were lost in the Ice Bay of Forochel when Arvedui fled the Witchking (head Nazgul). That was during the time of the Battle of Fornost when Carn Dum invaded Arnor (by that time the realm was already Arthedain, Cardolan and Rhudaur, and we know Rhudaur fell first). I seem to remember Eanur, second last King of Gondor arrived too late to assist Arvedui, but with Glorfindel's, Rivendell's and Lindon's help, vanquished the Witch King.

As for the Stone of Emyn Beriad, it looked Westward. This implies something about the Stones. Remember that there are others in the West, presumably, Westernesse scryers can talk and communicate with Middle Earth Scryers

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