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I want to know what is known about the Second Making in the Second Prophesy of Mandos.

So, I've used the opening post to put a context on the discussion - as a thought experiment. I don't need to spell out, do I, that my opening post is not literal - or do I? Wait, maybe I do. So, that's how I know that Shelop unlighted the vomit of the Valar. Did you know that Eru has one eye?

More recently, I've seen the Ainur not as I did when I was befuddled by a youthful mind that blurred overly idealise imagery with some basic facts. They're pretty dumb--as in unwise. They had no powers for detecting lies and deception, as the major problem.

What would you do with the Second Making, as in, which Ainur would you be, or how would you recombine powers in how Eru made themes in the Music of the Ainur in the second refrains?

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