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^ The new published version of the doc.

Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
By sheer luck, my phone has cached the English Libretto. I've rescued a copy; it's stripped the links out, but the lyrics are all there. I'll put it into your new doc in the next few days.
My first thought was - hurray, this will save us a lot of energy in reconstructing it.

My second thought was - Oh no! You've catalogued 20 years of recorded performances there, but those links are stripped too! Thankfully I think most of them were also linked in the thread at some point or other, so there is a good chance of rebuilding at least the Appendix links. I might get onto that at some point...

Update: I put in the links to the videos, live actions, and instrumentals, since I've been cataloguing those at the start of the thread. I am only missing the video to Minions - which I am not sure if we have a final version of? unfortunately I don't remember the nice way you've formatted and called the links initially, but they are linked. Both to all the individual songs, and on the bottom of the document.

Update #2: in unrelated news, Lora's website is miraculously back up again! The web giveth, and the web taketh away.
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