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A couple of thoughts:

1) Melkor ultimately was the source of all evil in Arda, and, closer to this, the origin of evil in Men (the Fall). But this of course applied generally. What was specific to Hurin's family?

2) Turin's and Morwen's personalities and character were already in place before the Nirnaeth and the Curse. The Curse apparently amplified what was already there, rather like the Ring granted power by amplifying what was already present in the Bearer

3) I think that both character and Curse-amplification led to Hurin, Morwen and for that matter Nienor, while in Doriath, nonetheless furthering Morgoth's designs: Turin by killing Saeros, Morwen and her daughter by willfully journeying to Nargothrond against all advice

4) Still, you can't deny that Hurin's kids had an amazing run of bad luck. "Chance," as men call it.

5) Morgoth really, totally won. He didn't just ensure that all concerned suffered miserable deaths; after all, he could have just killed Hurin at any time. Nor was it simply a matter of torturing Hurin for the Eevuls. He broke Hurin: by which I mean he took one of the noblest and most stalwart of men and made him a minion. Not that Hurin realized this; he thought, from the time of his release, that he was defying Morgoth- but when your motivation is hate, you are acting on Morgoth's behalf whether you admit it or not. Hurin was made into a sort of moral Typhoid Mary, spreading corruption to Brethil and Doriath: the proud, bitter old man, in his hatred of the enemy, had turned his back on all that was good. (Pop-culture parallel: as if Luke embraces his hate and falls to the Dark Side)
The entire plot of The Lord of the Rings could be said to turn on what Sauron didnít know, and when he didnít know it.

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