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Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
I've been sorta slacking, I've been distracted by an exciting part in Dawn which I binge-translated over the last few weeks, at the cost of no new Zong music. I have sketches for a couple of the remaining pieces but no music. Here's the Hate sketch. I think the male parts are in their usual register, but worth a check. Melian might be a tad high for me, but I'm willing to give it a try, if the other parts work well - yea or nay? Might have to drop it down a smidge after it's done if I just can't hit the high part. Also, I noticed that V1 does a whole bunch more shenanigans with the end of Hate, mainly Melian repeating "what madness" an extra round of times, but also she sings the melody slightly differently - another trick I might resort to if I can't get the high note. Do you have any thoughts about how we'd want to make the ending for this piece?
Seems good to me, but you know how I am with songs. I could follow the tune and sing along in my head, at any rate.

For the ending... I think I remember that, is that the version where everyone just sort of sings randomly over each other?

One thing I wonder... we held off on letting Thingol join in a "what madness" on the Aria, but would it work here? His lines are "wow, something bad happened to Finrod and it's entirely his own fault," to which Melian responds, "and will happen to you too, and btw it's totally your fault too". So having Thingol actually recognise and acknowledge that, once again, she's right, might work well. This is the last time we see them, so it'd be nice to let him at least slightly repent of his idiocy.

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