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Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
For the ending... I think I remember that, is that the version where everyone just sort of sings randomly over each other?
I guess it comes out that way, lol.

Originally Posted by Hui
One thing I wonder... we held off on letting Thingol join in a "what madness" on the Aria, but would it work here? His lines are "wow, something bad happened to Finrod and it's entirely his own fault," to which Melian responds, "and will happen to you too, and btw it's totally your fault too".
Wa-wa-wait, you think Thingol is talking about Nargothrond here? OMG, he totally could be talking about Finrod here. Maybe he was always supposed to talk about Finrod here. I thought he was talking about himself, the king who brought misfortune onto his own land - but I never realized he could also be talking about Finrod!

Originally Posted by Hui
So having Thingol actually recognise and acknowledge that, once again, she's right, might work well. This is the last time we see them, so it'd be nice to let him at least slightly repent of his idiocy.
So let's parse the singing all over each other to see what's actually happening in that version, and what we might actually use for ours.
Thingol stanza: Thingol sings main lines, C&C sing "echo" lovely wishes

Melian's stanza: Melian sings main line, Thingol joins in with her on "fell doom...kinsfolk", C&C echo

Madness #1 and #2: Melian sings alone, C&C echo. Both Madnesses are the same, musically and lyrics-wise.
The lyrics as they appear on Lora's site:
Thingol stanza: Daeron echoes (not that we would be using this)

Melian stanza: C&C echo

Madness: Melian sings alone, Thingol echoes "what madness have I done".
Looking back at V1 Aria, Thingol echoes "what madness have I done" only once in that 3-line passage, after the first line.

Conclusion: there's lots of flexibility and lots of combinations to choose from. So, question one - would it be a good thing for Melian to repeat Madness twice? If yes, then we can have C&C do the echo the first time, and Thingol do the echo the second time. If we only do it once, probably better to stick with C&C. However, Thingol could also sing the line together with Melian if we wanted to include all the characters without doubling that refrain.
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