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Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
Let's see what happens when we get there witb the music. It might be cool to include both musocal variations, but I agree that for lyrics one would suffice. Umm... Can we table that thought for now as to be revisited when we get there?
Agreed. I shall be guided by you in this matter.


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"Sons of Feanor" animation

I did consider having Luthien's symbol swirl into her "daylight" version in her last lines here (and stay that way for the Showdown), but decided it would get too confusing. I'd be interested in your view, though: the theory is that the second device (this one) might be her post-resurrection emblem. Given that the Zong doesn't go that far, this song is probably our best transition moment if we want to use it at all.

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