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Sting *The New Shadow & Tal-Elmar - to be or not to be?*

I know you guys are busy with the Elder Days, but I simply could not get off my thought those two stories - and I think that they need a definitive yes or no.

The New Shadow

This is by far the most problematic of Tolkien's stories.

He EXPLICITLY abandoned that story...but it was only because he felt that the "magic" from the Elder Days had gone by that time. But this is in no way a sufficient reason (at least for me) to not include it into our work.

Besides, it gives us a rare glimpse of the Fourth Age in the narrative sense.

So my vote is an adamant yes.


With this story there is nothing wrong - Tolkien did never explicitly rejected it. Only problem that lies with it (as with "The New Shadow" too) is that it was left unfinished - but considering that almost all Tolkien's story were left unfinished I think that that fact alone does not necessitate its exclusion.

So my vote is, again, an adamant yes.

I wanted to start a discussion on this because otherwise this project would last for about 200 years.

Again - the purpose of this thread is to decide whether these stories should be kept (or at least one of them).
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