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As to suspicion of Rune over the Days:

Originally Posted by Eonwe
Rune Son of Bjarne - Interesting to hear him admit that he usually suspects me without much cause; that might partially explain why I usually suspect him, and this game is no different. Probably not enough to vote for him though. At least do far.
There is no further mention of Rune by Eonwe on Day 1 and he ends up voting Urwen.

Day 2
Lottie looks at people who voted for Brinn late on and considers Rune being a possible wolf who voted for a Brinn packmate.

Originally Posted by Brinn
Rune: In post #117, he's most worried about G55 for her fake vote idea then turning it back on Legate. For post #134, he says he's likely to vote Eonwe for being non-committal or Kit for her reaction to Lhuna. #221, he acknowledges there's a building case against me and then agrees with it. He states he'd prefer to vote Eonwe, but votes for me because I'm the better lynch option over G55.

Impression: I don't really agree with his reasons for suspecting Eonwe and Kit - they seem weak. As for his suspicion of me, there's nothing unusual in itself about Rune suspecting me...he always does. But the way he piggybacks on the case against me is suspicious. Plus, what happened to his concerns about G55? They seem to have disappeared unless I'm missing something.
Day 3

Originally Posted by Lottie
Rune - I get a bad feeling from him, but that could be in part because he suspects me. I don't like that he essentially tried to start up a new bandwagon in the middle of the Huinwagon taking off, but that could again be an innocent who just didn't really suspect either candidate. Definitely keeping my eye on him.
Originally Posted by Eonwe
Rune Son of Bjarne - Just a feeling at the moment; I need to reread his posts.
Originally Posted by Brinn
I find Rune's suspicions of Lottie to be flimsy partly because of his overreaction to that post and partly because in his description for her he finds her posts 50% reasonable, which is a bit noncommittal. I also see his vote as a bit of a throwaway; sure it was early enough to go any way, but at that time a Lottie lynch did not seem very likely. I am not as suspicious of Rune as I am of others, but I am wary of him.
Seems to be the same three people with suspicion of Rune. Most other people had him as an unsure or leaning innocent.

Day 4

Originally Posted by Lhuna
Last mention of Zil on Day 2, he was in his neutral zone, and his suspects were Brinn, Lottie, and Eonwe. YesterDay, he said his quick read-through had not yielded any new suspicions. Afterwards he asked to confirm if his understanding of why Zil and sally were being suspected is accurate, which Legate did. Next thing we see, he could vote for Zil as well as his three suspects without feeling too bad about it. So while his not voting for sally is consistent with his stand on her reveal, his choice of vote seems oddly out of the blue.
Originally Posted by Eonwe
I'm still suspicious of Lalaith and Rune, and I suspect that at that there is at least one Infector in that pair.
So Lhuna suddenly comes swinging for Rune, who otherwise isn't much mentioned. It would seem an odd wolf on wolf move when it was really quite out of the blue.

Day 5

Originally Posted by Eonwe
Later in the Day there's a specific discussion on the topic involving Rune - Lommy seems to think that if the Infectors thought Legate was the seer this makes Rune seem good, Brinn agrees, Lhuna disagrees, they get into a debate, and THE Ka joins on the side of Lommy. I wonder about this because I actually found myself agreeing with Lhuna while reading this, but clearly she was evil. And thinking about it some more I think I agree with Lommy. Also, since this was before the QT vote for Lhuna, there was no reason for anyone to distance themselves from her, so we have to assume the responses are genuine, or at least not tainted by the fact that Lhuna was a possible quarantine-candidate. One thing I wonder whether it would occur to an innocent to look through Legate's suspicions in such a way, but then again, I haven't played in a long while... In any case, I think the discussion there feels a little bit like there may be some re-hashing of the previous Night's discussion, so I'm a bit wary of Lommy, THE Ka, Brinn. And given that this is an indirect way of defending or not defending Rune, this could go either way for him - either he's being soft-suspected by a fellow (Lhuna) or put brought back to the table (i.e. returned to being a possible vote). Either is plausible. Addendum after reading (#1053 - whoa, over 1000 posts?!): looks like Lommy still supports this reading.
I'm a little confused on this one, because it's the first time Eonwe really gives his full explanation for suspecting Rune, and it mostly seems to be based around Lhuna, but that hadn't I don't think been the basis of the suspicion until now. Also, did Lommy support this reading? I got the opposite impression from her posts and thought she'd ended up feeling Rune was innocent. Lottie also drops suspicion of Rune and I'm sure that was in relation to Lommy too.

Originally Posted by Boro
Rune >>> Eonwe

At this point Lhuna was at 4, Eonwe 3. However, Rune and Lommy (for Lhuna) voted at the same time. So when making his vote the count was Lhuna 3/ Eonwe 2. Suspicious, looks like an attempt to save Lhuna.
Boro then brings Rune into the mix with his ... whatever he was doing.

Shasta doesn't like Rune flip flopping saying Lommy is suspicious and then saying he wouldn't vote for her.

The QT vote for Rune.

Day 5
QT -> Rune
Kath -> Inzil
Greenie -> Inzil 2
Shasta -> THE Ka
Enw -> Rune 2
Boro -> Enw
Inzil -> Rune 3
Lommy -> Inzil 3
Lottie -> Rune 4
Brinn -> Inzil 4
Rune -> Inzil 5
Pitch -> Inzil 6
THE Ka -> Shasta
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