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Originally Posted by Greenie
This seems pretty hypothetical to me though, as any "Seer" hinting directly enough for the QT to notice would probably have been noticed by the living wolves already anyway.
Coupled with a reminder ala Pitch's memory, not only do the ordos in QT not know anymore than we do, but the wolves in QT can only PM each other, not wolves alive in the GT at Night. QT wolves would be just as interested in 'seer' hints. If the fake seer is an ordo haphazardly trying to create cover and they accidentally single out an innocent, they might sit back and let QT ordos go for it first since neither the Ranger nor Hunter know who the actual Seer is anyways.
Living wolves in the GT would be more interested in who looks frustrated or generally upset over the fake seer as these could be signs of the actual Seer telling them to quit without too much reveal. This does require that living wolves in the GT do identify that the fake seer is indeed not real though, otherwise at least for a few Days, the fake-seer if successful at somehow influencing the QT vote could divide their attentions and expose them to players.
It could also be a reason why Pitch was selected the previous Night by the remaining wolves or Lal before.

Originally Posted by Rune
It is not a question of "belief", I know if the QT-vote was correct twice in a row or not (it wasn't). The real question is if you believe me or not.
Originally Posted by Rune, post #1179
Originally Posted by Zil
Could lightning strike two Days in a row? There are some sharp people over there, no question. It isn't the way I would have voted toDay, but then I seem to recall saying that yesterDay....
You know it doesn't.

But I get why you would say that.
Considering that I have the majority of the time disregarded by voting on my own collected information or disagreed more openly with the QT votes for you, that should be the answer that I really don't believe you to be a wolf over a few Days now. If anything, I believe wolves have been using you as too convenient a cover or distraction and if the QT does that for them, all the better to buy them time for their main target. The success rate of the QT really doesn't attest to its infallibility and I've said that for Days now. So, I end up playing in my own corner and it makes me look suspicious.

The question is now since I am heavily suspected, by saying that I really do believe you to be innocent, does it matter to everyone else who follows the QT anyways?

Zil turned out to be innocent and by not going with the QT vote yesterDay, players feel a little cheated like they've missed out on possibly getting a wolf with either of us.
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