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So yet another list from my hand… Inspired by Lottie.
This is not a thorough summarization of pros and cons, just a status on my feelings right now.

Big ol' wolf
Eönwë - Seriously let's get this done.

Possible wolf:
Brinn - My initial suspicion of her dwindled somewhat, probably due to her voting pattern and her playing it pretty safe.

Seems more innocent than not
Ka - I haven’t personally spotted any clear wolf like behaviour, but I see suspicion is mounting.
Boro - I assumed him the seer. Right now I believe him innocent. But it is a confusing plot, that could be devious.
Shasta - Probably the person I have the least read on.
Lottie - I started thinking Lottie looked very suspicious, but as the game progresses I think she makes more and more sense.

Probably innocent:
Lommy - Hmm there was the whole Sally thing so maybe she belong further up the list, but otherwise I feel really good about Lommy.
Greenie - Nothing but good vibes, she over analyzes stuff though.
Kath - Seems Kath-like and helpful (in the innocent way)

I have a toddler feeling ill at home, and a girlfriend taking an exam, so I will be voting shortly. Just in case. I will in all likelihood vote for Eönwë.
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