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[RL - Since I'm pretty much dead to rights anyways and I have a lot to do today before I leave home for a funeral, I might as well get my vote out of the way. It might be better to shuffle me off to the QT anyways, because I won't have access to a desktop here for the next three days and only my phone at times. Thanks everyone for a fun play. ]

As I said yesterDay, if you have evidence to suspect me before the QT, then go with what you've trusted for Days now. I don't take offense in a good play.


I've suspected them in the beginning, decided to give them a pass after the QT vote to see if they'd start defending themselves and giving more reason why not to suspect them, but they've remained rather quiet instead and only made agreeable commentary. I still consider it an early Days slip that they were so complimentary of Huin's 'insights'.

x'ed with Nog. Sorry.
Vinur, vinur skilur tú meg? Veitst tú ongan loyniveg?
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í endaleysu tokuni?
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