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Nogrod is wading through the Dead Marshes.Nogrod is wading through the Dead Marshes.Nogrod is wading through the Dead Marshes.Nogrod is wading through the Dead Marshes.Nogrod is wading through the Dead Marshes.Nogrod is wading through the Dead Marshes.
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Night 7 / Closing Day 6

It was an odd day, this one. The opinions were more polarized: people were more secure on what they thought, having logical and rational arguments to back them, but they continued to differ widely on their conclusions - sometimes even with themselves. No wonder, some people started to freak out a little.

Even though it looked first like a race between some totally other people, in the end Indor – who had been suspected by many, but maybe in a milder manner – started to gain prominence in the voting.

When he realized he was going to be quarantined, he started mildly: "Let me give you a riddle instead..." But suddenly he turned black in fury. “I’m not going to go down as a “lesser candidate” you just can agree upon!”

His soft and light grey eyes flashed into bright red colour and white foam streamed from his mouth. He was growing in size, his sinews breaking, unable to cope with the new proportions.

Sadly, from his POV (as a puppet of Morgoth, that is), the three soldiers and Húrin were fast enough to catch and tie him down while in the middle of transformation into something Angband only knew what it would have been. Tightly in the ropes the magic withered away and people only saw a deeply disturbed and grieving poor old soul, trembling in fever and sweating uncontrollably.

“Get him inside and see that he gets water, bandages and clean linens”, Húrin ordered. Aerin rushed to take care of her father while Gethron and Algund saw to it there wouldn’t be no more surprises from the old man who now seemed to have lost all his willpower.

“So, he was one of… them?”, Morwen asked her husband – well, it was not really a question, but she felt she needed some verification for what she had just seen.

Húrin nodded thoughtfully and glanced to the children at her wife’s feet. "There’s still two more to find out”, he murmured silently.

There was a tear in Morwen's eye. "I miss little Túrin so much..." she whispered to her husband. "And I'm dying for fear for our little lily... will there ever be laughter again if something happens to her?"

Húrin grasped her hand and nodded comfortingly. "I promised old Halmir to watch after young Brandir. I'm not going to let little laughter off my eye either".


Dead, yes dead

Nogrod – “The Badger”, the Mod (dead on Night1)
Urwen – Glóredhel, healthy person (withered away in grief during Day2)


Galadriel55 – Andróg, the Cobbler (voted into QT on Day1)
Rikae – Haldir, formerly healthy person (infected by the shady Infectors on Night2)
Huinesoron – Hareth, an Infector (voted into QT on Day2)
Kitanna – Huor, the Ranger (infected in the woods by the Infectors on Night3)
Sally – Túrin, the Hunter (voted into QT on Day3)
Macalaure – Grithnir, healthy person (dragged into the QT by the Hunter on Day3)
Legate of Amon Lanc – Asgon, healthy person (infected sneakily on Night4)
Lhunardawen – Sador, an Infector (voted into QT on Day4)
Lalaith – Rían, healthy person (overrun and infected by the Infectors on Night5)
Inziladun – Halmir, healthy person (voted into QT on Day5)
Pitchwife – Turin’s Nurse, healthy person (infected by the Infectors on Night6)
THE Ka – Indor, an Infector (voted into QT on Day6)

Hanging around

A Little Green
Rune Son of Bjarne
Shastanis Althreduin

It's now Night 7

Sleeping is overrated.
Upon the hearth the fire is red
Beneath the roof there is a bed;
But not yet weary are our feet...

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