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I first saw Lord of the Rings at a newspaper article comparing HP with it, many years ago. I then pestered my dad, "Papa gusto ko ng libro! Gusto ko, now na!" When I pretended to cry, he promised to buy the book the very next day, plus the Hobbit, which he told me is the prequel. It was the same copy that got confiscated by the nuns back at my former school (I've posted about this story too). Since then I've guarded that copy more jealously than I normally do other books.

Quite a few years ago The Silmarillion is a book you almost can't find at major bookstores, and young as I was I couldn't order through the net, nor could I get my dad to buy it for me. But I pestered him till he got a friend buy me a copy in Singapore. The same happened for UT--"Pa, I can't hope to understand the extent of Tolkien's genius without the Unfinished Tales!" And just a few months ago, I was doodling in the bookstore, sad that my monthly stipend couldn't really afford a one-thousand-peso Children of Hurin book. So I pestered my dad again, and though I'm no longer "cute" as a five year old demanding sweets, I reckon my charm as only daughter worked, for he bought me that, plus a nice shirt I like to think of as having elven-looking embroidery and sandals that went with it.

Perks of being an only daughter! He almost never refuses me books, even if the price is a little out of the budget. So far, I've bought only Sir Gawain on my own; the rest of my Tolkien collection (Sil, UT, LotR, Hobbit, Farmer Giles, and HoME 1-5) are presents for Christmas, my birthday, or just any random day. I still have to pester him enough to get me Letters, I can't find that here in the Philippines
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