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Question Eriol/Aelfwine

To start off this topic, I must say that I am aware that Aelfwine is out in your revision, but just as a thought would you deal with Eriol/Aelfwine stories? Are they in any way salvageable?

What would the framework look like? Where to begin, where to end? What to keep, and what to abandon? Should the details of Eriol's stay in Tol Eressėa be kept? What about the Notion Club Papers and the Lost Road? Are all these stories in any way reconcilable?

I am not suggesting those should be included, I am simply trying to wrap my head around how, if anyhow, all of that mess could be made into a single, coherent narrative without resorting to (too much) fan-fiction.

Again, this is simply a thought experiment, and I am dying to hear other people's opinions on this matter.
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