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The decision of the project not to use any frame work story was taken long ago before my time even as a silent oberserver. Nonetheless I know the main argument against Eriol: Bilbo's Translation from the Evish. That massive work of old Bilbo was considered the virtuell single source and therefore ∆lfwine/Eriol had to go.

Anyhow, I do understand your interrest. But it is very hard to answer your questions in the very general way you ask them.
To be more specific for a single example: Ingil we have take up into our version as leader of the rescue army send at the end of the 1. age. It is nowhere said that he died, so in my point of view the information given in LT that he setteled for a time in Tol Eresseš before he returned to Valinor can still be valid. But some people will counter that in LT he was forbidden to return to Valinor at first due to fact that the resuce army of the evels left without the consens of the Valar and that only for that reason he had to stay on Eresseš, so that the Ingil of the later version would not stay there. But however that may be, he still could have a daugther (Meril) living at some later time on Eresseš. If here epesse 'i-Turinqi' is valid elvish of any kind I cannot say, but Meril is perfectly fitting. And that she as the granddaughter of Ingwe would be a kind of authority for the Elves on Eresseš seems rather naturally.

The descriptiv details of LT about Tol Eresseš I would also call very likely valid. They are of course a spledid idealisation of rural english country side, but way not? The same can be said about the Shire, but nobody would for that reason doubt that Tolkien meant that country to look like he wrote it into the LotR.


P.S.: Please keep in mind that this is only my oppionion and be no means a statement connected to the Translation of Elvish project. Other members active or not might have very diffrent ideas about these topics.
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