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Originally Posted by Arvegil145 View Post
Fun fact: the name Mar Vanwa Tyaliéva was still used by Tolkien in the 1950s! Although it was one of the names of Rivendell, meaning "House of Past Mirth".

The name Meril, as you say, is of course still valid, meaning "rose" in Sindarin (if I remember correctly). Concerning i-Turinqi/Turinqui I'm not sure. I think the name meant "Queen of Flowers" ("Meril" at that point meaning "flower", not "rose").

To get into specifics:

- Tavrobel: location itself is not a problem, I think, but the name might be
- Kortirion (Cortirion): same thing, although Tolkien revised the poem "Kortirion among the Trees" in the '60s, I think, so the name might be valid
- Lindo and Vairė: Lindo is in my opinion valid, meaning "singer"; but I have some problems with Vairė - although it IS a valid name (meaning "weaver"), there's the problem of having Vairė as one of the Valar in the later mythology - but I guess they could bear the same name
- Littleheart (Ilfrin): I'm not sure about the name (the real one), and I don't really know what to make of "Littleheart"; another problem is him being a son of Voronwė - could it still be valid in the later mythology? I guess it could (somehow), but I'm having some reservations about it
- The Cottage of Lost Play: now...its elvish name is valid (as I demonstrated) - however, the entire concept is questionable...
- Tinfang Warble: as is shown in the The Lay of Leithian Recommenced, this character appears to have been abandoned
- Limpė: "limpė" plays a big role in the "Lost Tales", but, of course, a drink that gives immortality to the one who drinks it is completely at odds with pretty much everything that is established later
- Rśmil is, naturally, canonical - but he simply cannot be on Tol Eressėa when Eriol arrives (I mean, he might be, but that is too big of a stretch for me)
- Gilfanon appears to have been replaced by Pengolodh

OK, that's it for now. I hope I wasn't (too) overbearing.

Look...I know this is not the kind of thread to post on this part of the forum, but it would seem courteous of you to at least respond to my questions...or to dismiss me completely...
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