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Hola everyone!

I've already checked with Palando, and he's approved of my character(s). So, here I am! The baddies...the assassins.

Name: Whisper
Age: 19
Race: Man (Female)

Physical Appearance: Whisper’s icy grey eyes accompany proudly arched eyebrows, a long, straight nose, and a stubborn chin. Her face is often set in a stern or determined expression. Whisper’s long, unruly black curls fall down her shoulders decorated with colorful threads/strings. Her hair lacks any sign that the tresses were once, in fact, brown. Her skin is a tan-brown color from both her heritage and from spending a great deal of time in the sun. She is short and strong.

History: Growing up near the Sea of Rhűn, Whisper lived with her brother until he was killed just before her fourteenth birthday. To earn money Whisper would carry messages throughout Rhovanion. One day, someone offered her a large sum of money if she would steal his neighbor’s prized sword, and Whisper agreed. After that, Whisper did a great deal of thieving for a few shady characters. When she was fifteen, one of her only friends taught her how to use the daggers, but that was the extent of her fighting skills. That friend also introduced Whisper to the life of an assassin. Whisper went on several escapades with this friend that involved killing some semi-powerful ruler for a certain amount of money, along with her friend Joal. Whisper loved Joal as a brother, and the two were the best of friends.

So Whisper became a well-known (at least to the more evil of kinds in Middle-Earth) assassin. She’d do the killing for a bit of money, ale, and bread. Whisper’s true name was once Tavari, but her friend had nicknamed her Whisper for her stealth and cunning, silent nature while on the job. Moving about in the dark and slipping in and out of places unnoticed came easily to Whisper. In truth, Whisper cared more to voice her opinions, but being an assassin was for the money.

Whisper's mood is always changing and her mindset is almost never exactly the same way twice. She can go easily from sweet and charming to an unimaginable rage in a matter of minutes. The way her temper and persona changes and extinguishes so suddenly, one can never tell what to expect from her. In general though, Whisper does her best to be charming and amiable. However, the only person she ever kept friendships with was her companion Joal.

Motivation: Whisper is after Halasan, as she was paid by the people of the accused group of roaming Easterlings to kill Halasan.

Special Features: Whisper carries only a dagger and a wooden staff. The staff has intricately carven designs and scripts in the wood. The dagger is like any other, and it’s sheath is inlaid with gold and gems; Whisper had stolen it from the leader of a southron tribe.

And introducing,

Name: Joal
Age: 13
Race: Man

Physical Appearance: Strawberry-blond curls are cropped short and close to Joal’s head, looking a bit strange compared to his dark, swarthy face. He has the dark hazel eyes of his family line, which appear darker when not in direct light. Whisper is always teasing him about his ears, as they’re disproportionate to the rest of his facial features. Still growing at 5’8, Joal feels unusually tall and his thin build does not help in the slightest. Joal’s feet are growing as well, and he and Whisper have stolen more than five new pairs of shoes for the boy. Joal often feels clumsy and hopes he ‘grows’ out of it soon.

History: Joal was born in Near Harad, his father leaving his mother to care for the child alone. His mother did her best to earn money for the child, and worked long hours in bars and inns throughout the eastern parts of Middle-Earth. When Joal was three, his mother died after having been feverishly sick in southeast Rhűn. Joal became adopted by a rich house-lord of Rhűn, who actually considered Joal more of a servant than an adopted son.

In attempts to get back onto his own feet, Joal began running errands for the other men in Rhűn who were willing to pay. Joal, in such a line of business, soon began to do stealing runs and eventually ‘graduated’ to assassinating for hire. It paid well, and that was all Joal was looking for.

One ‘mission’, the man who had hired Joal had also paid a girl named Tavari to go along with Joal. She was not as experienced in such trips, and Joal liked the girl, so he helped her out a bit. He taught her how to use his favorite weapon: daggers. The two became fast friends, and partners in crime. They split the money in all their further jobs and went everywhere together. Joal gave Tavari her nickname that forever stuck with her, and from then she was Whisper, despite her outgoing, talkative nature outside of the job.

Joal is more introvert than Whisper, and though he tries to be quiet and less clumsy with his awkward body, he finds it easier to keep his mouth shut. Still, Joal is unhappily not used to being the center of attention, but desperately wants to be. He can be incredibly annoying in a loyal sort of way by following people around in attempt to get noticed. Joal jumps into things head-first without first reviewing the consequences, which usually end him up in bad situations. Joal carries only his daggers and a length of rope.


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