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Originally Posted by Pervinca Took View Post
Could it be TALES?
It is not. I think the straight clue is pretty direct here, and it's a major chunk of NoME (though I know that doesn't help much).

New page:

NUMENOR - The numinous root, otherwise known as a gift.
AROMA - Perfume from one Italian city.
3. T - Chronic rails, year by year.
UNBEGOTTEN - A French one, conceived by the first to rise.
RADAGAST - Not grey... not gray, a German guest.
ELLIPSE - In the round, Hell ends, and I am retro-telepathy.
ORIGINS - Let's begin: Oh, snigger backwards, but with me instead of the example.
FEAR - Spiritually scary.
MELIAN - The queen's scrambled citrus - o! Change it for two others.
ENTERTAINMENT - Go in, men in the corruption, and enjoy it.

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