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Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
The one thing I've noticed is physically impossible is taking a breath on the "through your messes! / You alone" and "neither bards nor warriors / We're bound in Song" line transitions; there's literally no time (unless I'm mis-parsing the tune). Which is probably fine for a professional singer, it's only a couple of lines; in my case it means there's likely to always be a second clip snuck in there.
Hmm, yes, I can see that problem. Unless the beat is broken to speed up the first line, there's very little space for breath.

Three options that I see:
1) What you said above - patch multiple recordings if needed, no shame in that. The way I see it, if we are gonna do this by recording rather than anything resembling live performance, we might as well pick the best bits of the best recordings for the final take, who cares if it's not one single take.
2) Slow the whole thing down. I think it can tolerate being a little slower without losing momentum, but not by much. An option to consider.
3) I can add a blank bar in there. There are some performances that add blank bars in the middle of Feanorion parts throughout the musical - especially the slower and "heavier" rock/metal versions like this tactic. I am personally not a fan of the really slow pace and lyric breaks, I feel that they take away the momentum and rage without adding anything of value. However, I am willing to experiment with this if you think a break in this spot in the music would make life significantly easier.

Listening to the recording, I feel like the end of Finrod's bit ("in songs to be --- if you love me still") is odd. Almost like I have an extra bar of music there by accident. I am not quite sure what's going on or why it feels weird. The equivalent Feanorion part, with the same number of beats, sounds fine. Did it sound weird to you as well? I'll have to take a closer look tomorrow.

I have to say, I really appreciate you doing "progress" singing recordings. It sounds different sung out loud than it does in my head, and helps with the editing with some practical feedback. In previous songs too.
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