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I realised after rather too much thought that Minions is actually the start of Act Two, which explains the minute-long introduction to it. Since it's also the first time Sauron appears on screen, I decided I'd avoid just fading in the background over 60 seconds, and instead repeat the Potted History idea from the Prologue - only this time for the baddies. Something like:

-Morgoth's hands with the Silmarils
-Morgoth as a looming backdrop to Sauron
-Sauron hunting Beren
-Sauron taking Minas Tirith

& then fade to his throne room. (I would do Sauron at the Bragollach, but, er... there's no textual support for him taking part.)

And then I thought, what if 'The Death of Barahir' and 'Sauron in Dorthonion' were two halves of the same picture? So when we introduce Sauron, we do so by highlighting that he was always part of the story.

And then I drew it. ^_^

Beren and Barahir will be in both versions; the Prologue will cut off with the foreground tree mid-right, while Minions will show Sauron but not Tarn Aeluin.

Strictly speaking, this picture is wildly inaccurate - Sauron wasn't involved in Barahir's death, Beren didn't come back while the enemy were present, and he didn't get the ring while still next to his father. But symbolically, I think it works.

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