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Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
The longer this goes, the more I think some of these clues were too difficult. I'm sorry if that's the case, I really did not expect these ones to be left over. I'm open to rewriting these clues if you think that would help.
Well for my part, I'm still feeling dull and worn, actually not to dissimilar to butter scraped over too much Bilbo. I don't think it's so much difficult clues as difficult time.

Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
You have the right answer for the wrong clue. This is indeed one of the answers, but not for #8. Can you figure out which one?
So... based purely on the elaborated clue, Thor + In = THORIN for #10. I admit I'd forgotten Stonehelm even existed, but even so I'd rhyme Dain with Pain, so it was a bit far off from dying in my accent. (I see it does have an accent on the A, so you're probably quite right, but I never flagged that.)

Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
The king in #8 is, hmmm... the king. A very well known one. Who, by a different but also widely known name, is connected to the stone theme. And the element in his name is not iron but something else.
It's got to be Elessar the Elfstone, right? As you say, he is the King of the title... he's got a few names ending in N, including the obvious, but none leap out as including "an element mixed with itself". I'll guess DUNADAN, which can be parsed as U[ranium] + AND + AND: 'mixed with itself' could just about mean 'and, with another and'.

Originally Posted by Galadriel55
Riders of Rohan it is, by another name. And... yes, by another name.
Eorlingas/Rohirrim/Eotheod, possibly. The G would be the note, giving Georlingas/Grohirrim/Geotheod, which at least parse as English words (Gnorthmen doesn't). Then change one or more direction letters to reach... either dwarves or hobbits.

I mean, hobbits don't have much of a stone connection, so dwarves? There doesn't seem to be a group name starting with G for dwarves, but either Gundabad or Gabilgathol (Belegost) could work. But I can't get there from the first half, so I remain stumped.

EDIT: #2... HEART OF THE MOUNTAIN? Organ, pinnacle, caused a minor argy-bargy between approximately everyone.

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