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Aylwen Dreamsong has just left Hobbiton.
Aman, Pio, Bethberry, those are some hard farewells to follow...

I have little to say, other than that I'm glad I was invited to play this game and got to write with such great story-tellers. We put together a story that isn't just about the movements of an entire army or the happenings of a group, it was about the lives and conflicts (internal and external) of individuals. It was a real experience, I must say.

Thanks to you all, Cuth, Maika, Aman, Daniel, and Durelin.

Thank you to Pio, reminding me (for I know the thought was in the back of my mind) that RPGs are not just for the writers, it's also for the readers.

Thanks to Bethberry, for seeing us through to a successful end and not giving up on us.

Great job, everyone!

...Come down now, they'll say. But everything looks perfect from far away - Come down now! But we'll stay.
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