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Slowly, all the men drew near. Raefindan had stood by, and Indil; and near them Ravion and Mellonin; but now Ędegard, Argeleafa, Liornung, Bellyn, and Nethwador stepped closer; Gwyllion and Aeron clasped hands and stood over the water.

Taitheneb went to Erebemlin, and waited. The air was still in the glade, and the fall at the foot of the pool murmured softly in the midmorning sun.

Mithrellas alone seemed at peace.


The rumbling drew nearer; it was a faroff army, a wall of storm.

Nimrodel's lips twitched; her eyelids fluttered; slowly she stirred.

Erebemlin trembled, and Taitheneb frowned.


The mountain elf gazed restfully at the sky, his back to the falls. From the gates of the kings, the north wind swirled; high above rode the hawks. Beneath and beside him the silver trout sang.

"Let us turn back, " said the blacksmith.

The school of trout slowed, and their song faltered.

"There is yet time, " said the boy. "We can return to your stream, and there abide through the long ages. I will stay with you always."

"Amroth, " said Erebemlin.

"Come back with me, " said the blacksmith. "Nimrodel, let us return to the trees and the riverbanks you loved, and to your own shining waterfall that sings so sweetly and so gently. Not to this, not this wrath."

"Amroth!" said Erebemlin.

"Leave him, " pleaded the boy. "Come with me. I do not ask you to die! I ask you, bide with me, and live! I will never leave you! Do not leave me!"

"Amroth!" Erebemlin shouted, and his eyes snapped upen. "Return him to me! What have you done?"

Nimrodel struggled out of Erebemlin's arms, rose to her feet, and turned to face Mellondu. "Mellondu, do not speak so, " she said. But Erebemlin leapt to his feet also, and Erebemlin's voice rose and filled the glen. "Return him to us, " Erebemlin cried. "Return-- Amroth, return to us! Amroth! Amroth!"

There was no wind, but the massive elf's golden hair swirled about him as if from the heat of a fire. "Amroth!" he roared in desperation, and strode to Mellondu, who shrank from him in fear. The elf filled the glade with golden flame, and his voice and his eyes were fire; Mellondu screamed and writhed. Erebemlin took the blacksmith's shoulders and lifted him til they were face to face; still he called to Amroth; stilll the blacksmith screamed.

Raefindan stood frozen as the fires of Erebemlin raked through the soul of the blacksmith desperately seeking his king. One breath passed; two, three; four; and now Raefindan spoke. "Release him!"

Mellondu's cries slowly abated; he shook like a leaf and wept in terror. Erebemlin held him still; but the elf shone no longer; he had gone suddenly cold.

Nimrodel raised her wizened face and gazed at Erebemlin. "The king is not here, " she said. "My lord is gone. Trouble the boy no more."

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