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Originally Posted by Zigûr View Post
What I'm wondering is: do you think Amandil made it, and the survival of Elendil and his sons was mercy from the Elder King? Or perhaps Amandil was lost in the Enchanted Isles but the far-seeing Valar recognised his cause and granted mercy to his son anyway.
My feeling is that Amandil did not reach the Blessed Realm.
It was not only the fact that such an outreach could only move the Valar once that contributed to his failure: also, he was a mortal Man. Eärendil was the only one who could make that particular journey. Having the combined blood of Men and Elves, he was thus able to speak on behalf of both. Additionally, he had the Silmaril to aid him. Amandil had none of those advantages.
It could also be argued that the Númenórean sin was greater than that of the Noldor. The latter had been led to exile by a half-mad Fëanor, who, torn between grief for his dead father and agony of loss for the Simarils, used his considerable gifts of persuasion to convince most of the Noldor to follow him.
The Númenóreans fell victim to a corrupt desire to "have it all": they wanted unending life in addition to their elevated status among Men while enjoying a protected life on their island.

I believe the survival of Elendil and his people could be attributed to Ulmo. He was always a behind-the-scenes mover, arranging things like Tuor's arrival at Nevrast. Acts like that make it apparent he was moved on some level, either consciously or not, to move pieces on the board that would accomplish the designs of the One. I think the coming of the Exiles was another of those events that was "meant" to occur, and Ulmo seems to have been an obvious choice to make it happen.

Originally Posted by Zigûr View Post
One other question. Amandil tells Elendil "There is but one loyalty from which no man can be absolved in heart for any cause." (p. 275) I feel confused about what he is referring to. Does he mean "absolved" as in no man can be released from his duty to Eru, or that no many can be forgiven for worshipping the Enemy? I'm assuming the former but it's a curious remark, especially in context: Elendil was concerned about the malicious rumours regarding the Faithful being proved true, to which Amandil replied "If I thought that Manwë needed such a messenger I would betray the King." I realise he is implying that the Valar already knew about the corruption of the Númenóreans but what loyalty is he referring to?
Since Elendil's question is about "betraying the King", I read Amandil's words as a warning that loyalty to any power on Arda which opposed the Valar (and by proxy, the One) would lead to evil.
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