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CE-EX-01: agreed.

CE-SL-04.2: Looking now, I cannot find what I was referencing, so I was probably making a mistake.

CE-EX-05: I have just looked into it, and it seems the latest form was Endor, as in the Sil77:

The reference to the site of Kuivienen is interesting. Of this no more is said in the other tradition than that it lay ‘in the East of the Middle-earth’ (QS $20, preserved throughout the later tests). In AAm Kuivienen lay N.E. of Endon, the midmost point. In the list of names accompanying the Ambarkanta (IV. 241) appears ‘ambar-endya or Middle Earth of which Endor is the midmost point’, and Endor is written over the centre of the middle-land in the Ambarkanta diagrams (IV.243,245) — on the map (IV.248-9) it is marked as a point: ‘Endor Earth-middle’, and here it was corrected to Endon, the form in the present passage of AAm, though later changed back again to Endor (so also on the typescript of AAm my father correctedEndon to Endor here and in $41, p. 80). See IV.254-5.
CE-EX-11: I felt it was tonally off, but now that I know we are not changing the style of things to be congruent, then the first sentence must stay as it is.

CE-EX-17: I agree about killing, but to me the word 'damned' and the word 'theological' are too grounded in real world terminology to be applicable in the Ardan conception. but this might be again the issue of style and I am not sure if would fall under the banner of things not to be changed. Your poltergeist addition looks good.

CE-EX-81.2: Ah ok that makes sense

CE-EX-21: I see that you are right, but sterile cannot simply stand as is, even with the hesitation to change the style. This is simply not in narrative format at all, and should possibly be changed to:

These may then even have been mated with beasts ([and these were] sterile{!}) - and later Men.
CE-EX-28: to be honest, I have no real reason to think they are linguistically invalid, beyond the fact that they do not quite "sound" right to me. However, if no one has any greater knowledge of Quenya evolution than me, I suppose they should stay.

CE-SL-12: makes sense.
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